Day 1: June 10 or June 13, 2019
Day 2: June 17 or June 20, 2019

Pre-Day 1 Seminar Tasks

  • Accept invitation to join Open Pedagogy CUNY Academic Commons group, which you will receive separately at your BMCC email account. The invitation email has a link to “Manage Invitations”; follow that link, and then either log in to the Commons (if you already have an account) or click the “Register” link at the bottom right of the page (if you do not already have an account).
  • Click on this link to watch the Introduction to Open Pedagogy video (approximately 1 hour) and post a reflection response.
  • Click on this link to browse posts on the Open Pedagogy Notebook and post a reflection response.
  • Create an account for We’ll be using this collaborative annotation tool during the session, and folx also use this tool for open pedagogy assignments.
  • Choose one song to add to the Open Pedagogy Playlist, and email jean with your selection. This will be our background music during our two days together.

Day 1 – Open Pedagogy
Learning Outcomes
Participants will:

  • Describe the characteristics of open pedagogy
  • Describe how open pedagogy fits with the student learning outcomes for their course
  • Design an open pedagogy assignment
  • Be Awesome

Day 1 – Workshop activities

  • Welcome and territorial acknowledgment
  • Introductions
  • Annotate the Open Pedagogy Tasks and Agenda with questions, comments, suggestions, confusions.
  • In small groups: Discuss what open pedagogy is, create a group definition, and answer question “why do it?” All participant discussion to follow.
  • Examples of open pedagogy assignments.
  • In small groups: Talk about project(s) chosen from Open Pedagogy Notebook and brainstorm ideas for each faculty member’s course (see worksheet).
  • Introduction to the Academic Commons: Seminar site and group
  • Questionnaire: Goals for course site. All participant discussion to follow
  • Wrap up: Outstanding questions. Introduce backward design worksheet. Distribute poster sheets.

Pre-Day 2 Seminar Tasks

Day 2 – WordPress

Learning Outcomes
Participants will:

  • Create an accessible WordPress site in Academic Commons
  • Match site functionality to pedagogical goals
  • Be Awesomer


  • Fire poem
  • Create your site
  • Introduction to elements of WordPress: Adding and organizing content. Extending functionality. Accessibility.
  • Introduction to elements of WordPress: Engaging students on the Commons (or elsewhere)
  • How the Open Pedagogy Seminar site was customized
  • Reflection: How will you use the Commons (or other tools) to support your pedagogical goals?
  • Customize your site

Post Day 2 Tasks

  • Site exploration: Course sites on the Commons
  • Reflection: What inspired you about the sites that you saw? What features would you like to include for your courses?
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